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Handsworth Secondary School: FAQ

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How many Learning Commons books can one take out?

Anyone can take out 3 books at a time.

How long can one keep the Learning Commons books?

Once you've checked out your books, you can keep them for up to 3 weeks before returning them.

What happens if one does not return the Learning Commons book(s) on time?

We do not charge fines. The Learning Commons staff will give the student a phone call home, send an e-mail, or personally tell the student to return the late book(s).

Please help us get the books returned or renewed. Thank you.

What happens if a person loses a Learning Commons book?

The student will be given notice to pay for the book or buy a replacement copy. If the student finds the book within 30 days, he/she will receive his/her money back.

How many computers are there in the Learning Commons?

There are 33 computers in the Learning Commons.

Happy reading and researching in the Learning Commons!