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Teacher Assignments: Beaudry


Protest: An Inquiry Project

Case Studies in both violent and non-violent protest

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Protests - Contemporary and Historical - Non-Violent and Violent


Climate Action - GretaThuneberg

Greta Thuneberg

Greta Thunberg tells world leaders ‘you are failing us’, as nations announce fresh climate action - from the United Nations

Freedom Convoy in Canada (2022)

Freedom Convoy Articles - from The Conversation

The Convoy Crisis in Ottawa: A Timeline of Key Events - from CBC News

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice in the USA

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice - from the UBC Wiki

How Americans Really Feel About Abortion: The Sometimes Surprising Poll Results One Year After Roe Overturned - from Forbes Magazine

Protest over Inclusion of Trans Women in Sport

Far from resolved: Debate rages following World Athletics' ban on trans athletes in elite female sport

Women's Protests in Iran:  Mahsa Amini Protests (2023)

Mahsa Amini Killing

Mahsa Amini: a year into the protest movement in Iran, this is what’s changed - from The Conversation

Iran: A Simple Guide to the Protests - from the BBC


Anti-Iraq War Protests in America (2003)

February 15, 2003:  When Anti-War Protests Made History - from Spring a magazine with socialist ideas in action

Canadians Join Global Peace Rally - from CBC February 15, 2003

China: Tiananmen Square (1989)

Tiananmen Protests of 1989

Civil Rights: Martin Luther King's Selma March (1965)

Selma March (1965)

Ghandi: Non-Cooperation Movement, British India (September 1920)

Ghandi: Non-cooperation movement, British India (September 1920)

Ghandi's Salt March (1930)

Ghandi’s Salt March (1930)

A Pinch of Salt and One of the Largest Nonviolent Movements in India:  The Salt March of 1930 - from the Nonviolence Project 

Indigenous Rights: Occupations of Alcatraz (1971)

Native Americans occupy Alcatraz for land rights, 1969-1971

Ireland: Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan: Northern Ireland Peace Movement (1976), Community of Peace People

Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan

LGBTQ: Stonewall Riot (1969)

Stonewall Uprising

Stonewall Then and Now - from the Harvard Gazette

Philippines: People's Protest (1983)

Filipinos campaign to overthrow dictator (People Power), 1983-1986

Serbia: Srdja Popoviv: One of the Leaders of Otpor, the Non-violent Protest Movement that helped end the Dictatorship of Slobodan Milosovic in Serbia (2000)

Meet Srdja Popoviv, the Secret Architect of Global Revolution - from the Guardian

Women's Vote: Inez Hilholland Boisevain: Suffrage Parade (March 3, 1913)

Inez Hilholland Boissevain: Suffrage Parade (March 3, 1913) (Woman Suffrage)

LGBTQ+ Athletes Claim the Field

Tiananmen 1989: Our Shattered Hopes