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Teacher Assignments: Hallam - English 9 - CLA Awards

Bass, Karen - Graffiti Knight

Bradford, Karleen - There Will Be Wolves

Brooks, Martha - Bone Dance

Buffie, Margaret - Who is Frances Rain?

Goobie, Beth - Before Wings

Horvath, Polly - The Canning Season

Leavitt, Martine - My Book of Life By Angel

Salvadurai, Shyam - Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

Toews, Miriam - A Complicated Kindness

Bell, William - The Blue Helmet

Brooks, Martha - Mistik Lake

Brooks, Martha - True Confessions of a Heartless Girl

Friesen, Gayle - Janey's Girl

Holubitsky, Katherine

Hughes, Monica - Hunter in the Dark

Johnston, Julie - Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me

Melling, O.R. - The Druid's Time

Stewart, Sean - Nobody's Son

Wynne-Jones, Tim - The Maestro