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Teacher Assignments: Hallam - English 9 - Stellar Awards - Fiction

Stellar Awards

Stellar Awards

British Columbia Teen Reader's Choice Awards

Aker, Don - First Stone

Aker, Don - Running on Empty

Armstrong, Kelley - The Calling

Bass, Karen - Graffiti Knight

Beam, Matt - Can You Spell Revolution

Bennett, Holly - The Warrior's Daughter

Bradford, Karleen - Angeline

Bradley, Alan - The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Buffie, Margaret - Out of Focus

Chalifour, Francis - After

Choyce, Lesley - Living Outside the Lines

de Lint, Charles - Over My Head

Firmston, Kim - Stupid

Fullerton, Alma - In the Garage

Fiesen, Gayle - The Isabel Factor

Harvey, Sarah N - Death Benefits

Goobie, Beth - Something Girl

Haworth-Attard, Barbara - Theories of Relativity

Hull, Maureen - The View from a Kite

Jacobs, Deborah Lynn - Choices

Juby, Susan - Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last

Juby, Susan - Miss Smithers

Korman, Gordon - Jake Reinvented

Kuipers, Alice - The Death of Us

Lekich, John - The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls

Livingston, Lesley - Once Every Never

Luiken, Nicole - Dreamfire

Lunn, John - The Aquanauts

Mac, Carrie - The Droughtlanders

Martin, C.K. Kelly - My Beating Teenage Heart

Matas, Carol - Past Crimes

McDonald, Abby - Getting Over Garrett Delaney

McNamee, Graham - Acceleration

McNaughton, Janet - An Earthly Knight

McNicoll, Sylvia - Beauty Returns

Nielsen, Susin - The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen

Oppel, Kenneth - Airborn

Oppel, Kenneth - Half Brother

Oppel, Kenneth - Such Wicked Intent

Peters, Kimberly Joy - Painting Caitlyn

Pignat, Caroline - Unspeakable

Rivers, Karen - The Healing Time for Hickeys

Ryan, Darlene - Rules for Life

Scarsbrook, Richard - Cheeseburger Subversive

Schwartz, Virginia - Initiation

Shaw, Liane - The Color of Silence

Shipley, Jocelyn - Seraphina's Circle

Staunton, Ted - Who I'm Not

Stratton, Allan - Chanda's Secrets

Terry, Teri - Slated

Toten, Teresa - Me and the Blondes

Trottier, Maxine - Sister to the Wolf

Tullson, Diane - Zero

Tullson, Diane - Blue Highway

Van Diepen, Allison - The Vampire Stalker

Waldorf, Heather - Grist

Walters, Eric - Power Play

Wilson, John - And in the Morning

Wilson, John - Four Steps to Death

Young, Moira - Blood Red Road

Aker, Don - One On One

Aker, Don - The Space Between

Armstrong, Kelley - The Summoning

Baxter, Jean Rae - The Way Lies North

Bennett, Holly - The Bonemender's Oath

Blackwell, Paul - Undercurrent

Bradford, Karleen - The Scarlet Cross

Burtinshaw, Julie - The Freedom of Jenny

Chan, Gillian - The Turning

Choyce, Lesley - The End of the World As We Know It

Choyce, Lesley - Smoke and Mirrors

Ellis, Deborah - Moon at Nine

Fluttert, Pam - Until Today

Foon, Dennis - The Dirt Eaters

Grant, Vicki - I.D.

Grant, Vicki - Not Suitable for Family Viewing

Haworth-Attard, Barbara - Forget-Me-Not

Haworth-Attard, Barbara - A is for Angst

Hrdlitschka, Shelley - Gotcha!

Jackson-Davis, Greg - Digging for Philip

Johnston, Julie - A Very Fine Line

Juby, Susan - Another Kind of Cowboy

Juby, Susan - Getting the Girl

Korman, Gordon - Son of the Mob 2

Kuipers, Alice - 40 Things I Want to Tell You

Livingston, Lesley - Wonderous Strange

Luiken, Nicole - Frost

Mac, Carrie - The Beckoners

Mac, Carrie - The Gryphon Project

Matas, Carol - Visions

McClintock, Norah - Tell

McKay, Sharon - Esther

McNaughton, Janet - The Raintree Rebellion

Nickerson, Jane - The Mirk and Midnight Hour

Nielsen, Susin - Word Nerd

Olsen, Sylvia - White Girl

Oppel, Kenneth - Starclimber

Oppel, Kenneth - This Dark Endeavour

Peacock, Kathleen - Hemlock

Phillips, Wendy - Fishtailing

Poulsen, David - Last Sam's Cage

Rivers, Karen - The Cure for Crushes

Ryan, Tom - Tag Along

Scarsbrook, Richard - Featherless Bipeds

Shaw, Liane -

Sheppard, Mary - One for Sorrow

Sherrard, Valerie - Chasing Shadows

Sobat, Gail - Gravity Journal

Stewart - Elizabeth - Blue Gold

Tanner, Mike - Resurrection Blues

Tokio, Marnelle - More Than You Can Chew

Trembath, Don - Rooster

Tullson, Diane - Red Sea

Tullson, Diane - The Darwin Expedition

Ulrich, Maureen - Power Plays

Waldorf, Heather - Fighting the Current

Walters, Eric - Alexandria of Africa

Walters, Eric - The Rule fo 3 - Fight for Power

Wilson, John - Flames of the Tiger

Wilson, John - Written in Blood

Young, Moira - Rebel Heart

Yee, Paul - The Bone Collector's Son

Wiseman, Eva - Kanada