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Carson Graham Library: English 12: Civil Disobedience

Carson Graham Library Learning Commons

Mr. Dawson's Introduction to the Assignment Video

Be a Better Searcher: Video

The following video demonstrates how to use Gale Power Search Tools to find keywords and to narrow your research topic.

Civil Disobedience: Free Images from Unsplash

Photo by History in HD on Usplash

Civil Disobedience Research Resources

Civil Disobedience Book Collection

Civil Disobedience in Art

Be a Better Searcher - Resources to Help and Guide You

Explore your topic:

Getting a working knowledge of your topic is like using a flashlight to avoid stumbling around in the dark. Watch the following video to learn about ways to explore and revise your topic:

Picking Your Topic Is Research!

Develop a research question:

A good research question is like a road map - it helps to guide and focus your search. The following videos will help you to develop a research question:

Developing a Research Question

Write a Research Question

Be a Better Searcher

The following video demonstrates how to use the Canadian Points of View Reference Centre to explore various points of view on a topic.

Be a Better Searcher: Video

The following video explains the advantages of using Clustering Search Engines to refine your search and demonstrates how to use the following: Carrot2, Yippy and Credo Reference.

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud