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Geology 12 Field Study Inquiry : Home

This guide has been created to support Geology 12 students with their Field Study Inquiry Project in Mr. Bond's class.

Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet

Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

Surface Processes Videos

Videos for Stage 2 - Surface Processes

Video content is in the following order:
1. Mass wasting – landslide, slump, rock falls
2. Running water – rivers, streams
3. Groundwater – caves, aquafers
4. Wave – ocean waves, tides
5. Glaciers ice, freeze/thaw
6. Wind – abrasion, ventifacts, deserts

Useful Links and Resources

Local Geotour Guides

North Shore Geology in the News

Classic rock: here's the story of North Shore geology

Ask a Geologist

Contact to get in touch with a Geologist who can answer your questions about a specific region.

Contact, to pose questions about your Field Study to Ms. Abbott, our Local Geology Expert!

E-Book Resource

Chapters useful for this study are 5 and 13-17.
Click on the book cover to access the full e-book.

Product Creation: Show your Understanding

To show your understanding of Surface Processes, you can create a Stopmotion film or a Flipbook.  Watch Ms. Parker's Videos for inspiration and ideas for how to do this!

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