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Carson Graham Library: Academic Integrity - MLA Referencing

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MLA (Modern Language Association)

At Carson Graham, we use MLA (Modern Language Association) style referencing for the following subjects:  English, Languages, and Social Studies. 

Why We Cite our Sources - a Brief Explanation

Cite a Website in MLA Using NoodleTools

Cite an Encyclopedia in MLA Using NoodleTools

MLA Referencing Video for Mr. Dawson's Class


Click on the image below to access Carson's NoodleTools Login

  1. Click on the blue “Register” tab.
  2. For the School, type carsoneagles For the School/Library password, type: eagles21 and click on “Continue”
  3. Select your expected year of graduation from the menu
  4. Choose a Personal ID – Use your login (for the computers with the letter "s" at the end) as your ID
  5. Type your birthdate (in year month day) as your password: YYYYMMDD
  6. Under Easy Login Retrieval, type in your first and last initials (JB for James Bond)
  7. Type in the LAST 4 digits of a phone number.  (These details will help us to look up your account in case you forget your login/password)
  8. Click on “Register”
  9. Congratulations, you now have your own NoodleTools account!

Carson Library Books on MLA

MLA Instructions

To reference sources in MLA style, use NoodleTools and do two things:

  1. Create a Works Cited list
  2. Cite your sources in-text

MLA In-Text Citation Examples

Carson Graham Policy for Academic Honesty & Personal Integrity

Reliable Internet Sources on MLA

Research Note Taking Strategies

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