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Carson Graham Library: Research Databases

Database Login Codes

Access to sd44 databases from Carson Graham should be automatic. Please contact library staff to access from home.

Click on BC's Digital Classroom and scroll down to access the databases.

Click Grades 8-12

In school access should be automatic.

Contact the Library Staff for the access login codes to use when researching at home.

Databases & Encyclopedias


Information on a range of Canadian topics, people, places and events written from a Canadian perspective.  

International viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues, topics, and current events.

  National and global publications, experiments, projects, and reference content.

Authoritative periodicals, scholarly journals, newspapers, and reference content.

 A database of encyclopedias and specialized reference e-books for multidisciplinary research.

 A database of primary source digital historical content dating 1450 - 2008. 

 Student research interface. WATCH VIDEO: Research Made Easy 

 A database that includes full-text articles and abstracts of articles in magazines, journals and newspapers

 Up-to-date medical research and information on health-related topics

 Find fiction by subject, or read reviews and summaries. WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL




Fact-checked encyclopedia with objective articles, biographies, videos, and images. 3 Reading Levels.



 A general reference encyclopedia available on three levels. Includes French and Spanish Encyclopedias. 


 An encyclopedia about people, places and things in British Columbia. 

  Canadian Encyclopedia: updated information about Canada's events, culture, history & landscape.                       Encyclopedia of Life: Extensive Information about the many life forms on Earth.

 An atlas that shares the experiences, perspectives, and histories of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

Other Resources


Digital Magazines 

 Vancouver Sun ePaper: Please see Library Staff for Login Details


  Access to all of the North Van School District's Digital Resources 


Login from home: ID: sd44user PW: nvsd44


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