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Online Tools: Keeping Healthy

Staying Fit

7 Minute Workout 

Ideal for busy students, this does what it says on the tin – outlines seven minutes worth of easy-to-understand exercises with video and text descriptions.

30 Day Fitness

Free digital personal trainer for fitness and weight loss - and to feel like the best version of yourself. 

Exercising in Self-Isolation: 3 workouts to Keep You Fit

With gyms closed indefinitely, working out at home is the new normal. Personal trainer Chris Tse says even if you have only one room, you can still map out an enjoyable and demanding exercise routine.


This health app lets you track your progress using the built-in GPS of your phone. It tracks your route, pace, how long you ran, how many calories you burned, and more.

Nike+ Training Club 

Described as ‘your personal trainer’, this app lets you chose from over 100 workouts, complete them with step-by-step guides and stay motivated. You can also share your progress on social media.

Yoga With Adriene - Yoga For Complete Beginners

Keep Learning BC

Keep Active

Taking frequent, active breaks away from devices is an important part of staying healthy.

  • put on some music and dance

  • work through an online video (search “teen workout videos”)

  • run up and down stairs

  • jump rope

  • stretch or practise yoga

Being outside is important for youth. Outdoor Play Canada has guidelines on what’s appropriate during the current pandemic. Keeping appropriate physical distancing, family members could:

  • go for a walk or local hike

  • play or garden in the backyard

  • go for a bike ride

Eating Healthy

Cooking Class: Fundamental Techniques

If you like planning meals in advance (or want to become more organized!) then this app is for you. It lets you import healthy recipes from blogs and websites to build your own customized meal plans. You can also use your own recipes and create grocery lists.


This app lets you track your food intake and exercise, track quality and quantity of calories, share tips and ask questions in a community, scan thousands of product barcodes to see nutrition grades, and more.

Instructables Cooking Class

Rouxbe Cooking School on YouTube