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Online Tools: Social Emotional Learning

Success with Social Emotional Learning during COVID19

As the country and the world respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all feeling a wide range of emotions. Students might be feeling heightened or new anxiety or grief as they are forced to adapt to different routines and ongoing isolation from their peers.

It is important to attend to the social and emotional needs that arise during times like these. Social emotional learning is a means to explore and express emotions, build relationships, and support each other – children and adults alike – during this challenging, unprecedented time.

Social Emotional Tools


Self-paced, digital lessons for students for mental wellness and general life skills.


Activities created by students and educators for students to build their social emotional skills.


Animated interactive lessons allow users to practice in a safe environment the skills needed to manage real-life social situations. Free during school closures.


Helps to build resiliency during challenging times.

Keep Learning BC

From Open School BC Taking Care of Your Child’s Mental Health

Here are some ways to support your child:

  • maintain normal, predictable routines as much as possible

  • have calm, age-appropriate, fact-based discussions

  • focus on the positive

  • model compassion, positive coping and self-care skills

  • eat healthy meals together

  • make sure children are getting enough sleep

  • spend more time together, increase play time – both inside and out

  • for older children, encourage breaks from the news and social media (if you do watch the news, watch it together to provide an opportunity for conversation and help to keep things in perspective)

Self Regulation Tools

Calm App

Top app for less stress, more sleep and living better. Free Trial


Mindfulness for everyday life: stress less, move more and sleep soundly.

Smiling Mind

Free mindfulness and meditation app.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Ranging from guided mindfulness audio tracks, to videos on yoga and acupressure, and animated mindful games.



How to Reduce Anxiety

Self Isolation & Anxiety


TED Talk: Connected but Alone?

WHO Guide for Children to Cope with Stress


Stay Safe Online from Open School BC

Keep Safe Online

With students spending more time at home on devices, it’s good to remind them about staying safe online and being aware of possible COVID-19 scams.