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Geology 12 Field Study Inquiry : APA - Academic Honesty

This guide has been created to support Geology 12 students with their Field Study Inquiry Project in Mr. Bond's class.

Academic Integrity: APA Referencing

At Carson Graham we use APA (American Psychological Association) style referencing for the following subjects:  Geography, Math, Psychology, Sciences

Why We Cite Our Sources: A Brief Explanation

Cite a Website in APA Using NoodleTools

Use NoodleTools to Help You Create Accurate Citations

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  1. Click on the blue “Register” tab.
  2. For the School, type carsoneagles For the School/Library password, type: eagles21 and click on “Continue”
  3. Select your Expected year of graduation from the menu
  4. Choose a Personal ID – Use your login (for the computers) as your ID
  5. Type your birthdate as your password: YYYYMMDD   (for students NEW to Carson, it’s SYYYYMMDD$)
  6. Under Easy Login Retrieval, type in your first and last initials ie) JB for James Bond
  7. Type in the LAST 4 digits of a phone number.  (These details will help us to look up your account in case you forget your login/password)
  8. Click on “Register”
  9. Congratulations, you now have your own NoodleTools account!

Cite a Database in APA Using NoodleTools