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Sutherland Library: Literacy Week

Literacy 44

Literacy 44 Presentation

Reading Strategies

Supporting Student Success in Literacy

Reading Strategies from Ontario


2019-2020 Literacy Weeks

Our first Literacy Week of the year runs from October 7 - 11.  Our umbrella theme this year is BOOKS THAT TRANSPORT US TO OTHER WORLDS.   For October, we are being transported to the world beyond reality.   Which genre will you read for Literacy Week?  DYSTOPIAN, SUPERNATURAL, FANTASY or SCIENCE FICTION?

John Green on Literature - How and Why Read

Literacy Week Focus

Grab a Book to Read during Focus!

It's Literacy Week!

Literacy Week

Featured Websites

TED-ED BBC Why Reading Matters

Why Reading Matters is an hour-long BBC program did a couple of years ago on how reading — and writing — impact the brain.

Articles About Reading Strategies

Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Williams, D. (2002). Seven Literacy Strategies That Work. Educational Leadership, 60(3), 70.

Kelley, M. J., & Clausen-Grace, N. (2009). Facilitating Engagement by Differentiating Independent Reading. Reading Teacher, 63(4), 313-318.

2019-20 Literacy Weeks

2021-22 Literacy Weeks

October 25 - 29

December 6 - 10

February 28 - March 4

May 16 - May 20

Drop by the library and take out a book for Literacy Week.