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Sutherland Library: Literacy Week

Literacy 44

Literacy 44 Presentation

Reading Strategies

Supporting Student Success in Literacy

Reading Strategies from Ontario


John Green on Literature - How and Why Read

Literacy Week Focus

Grab a Book to Read during Focus!

It's Literacy Week!

Literacy Week

Featured Websites

TED-ED BBC Why Reading Matters

Why Reading Matters is an hour-long BBC program did a couple of years ago on how reading — and writing — impact the brain.

Articles About Reading Strategies

Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Williams, D. (2002). Seven Literacy Strategies That Work. Educational Leadership, 60(3), 70.

Kelley, M. J., & Clausen-Grace, N. (2009). Facilitating Engagement by Differentiating Independent Reading. Reading Teacher, 63(4), 313-318.

2023-24 Literacy Weeks

2023-24 Literacy Weeks

Daily Trivia & Prizes

October 10 - 13

November 27 - December 1

February 26 - March 1

May 6 - 10

Drop by the library and take out a book for Literacy Week.