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Literacy Week: Athlete Readers

Ray Bodnaruk

Mr. Bodnaruk played rugby at SFU.  One of his favorite reads was Death on the Installment Plan by Louis-Ferdinand Celine, his first introductions to French literature.  Another great one was Village in the Vauclus, by Laurence Wylie.  One of his favorite existential readings was the play, No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sartre – “hell is other people” :-)



Mark Fortin

Mr. Fortin played in the German professional hockey league for Manheim when he was 17. His favourite book at that time, that changed his life was "Do androids dream of electric sheep" Phillip K Dick... this was the book that became the classic Bladerunner movie...

Chantelle Boyarski

Ms. Boyarski was on the SFU Cheerleading Team. One of her favourite book series is "Game of Thrones". She also enjoys many of Stephen King's Novels - Particularly "Pet Cemetery".

Terry Mitruk

Mr. Mitruk did 5 years of varsity gymnastics at McMaster and Queens. 
If he had to pick a favourite book, he'd have to choose books that changed him.  "The Foundation" trilogy by sci. fi. author Isaac Asimov turned him into a reader for life.  The book "Chaos" by James Gleick was the first non-fiction book he read for fun(?), and changed the way he looks at the world, its systems, and the way they interact.

Hilary Watt

Ms. Watt played two years of varsity field hockey at Queen's and then 3 years of Cross Country and Track. Her favourite book might still be To Kill a Mockingbird, but really, she has no idea how to pick a favourite book. Too many genres, too little time to read them all.

William Coupland

Mr. Coupland played hockey for UBC.

Walter Mustapich

Mr. Mustapich played Men's Varsity Soccer at UBC but for a short time as something else got in the way... school.  His favourite book - The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Great way to live your life....