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Literacy Week: Scientist Readers

Ms. Johns

Ms. Johns has a BSc, majoring in math, and an MEd in math education.  Her favourite book while in Uni was Harry Potter, believe it or not.  Harry Potter got her to become an avid reader.  (During my teen years, I hardly read any books).  Now Ms. Johns reads 1-2 books/week.

Dr. Schulz

Mr. Miller

Mr. Mitruk

Mr. Mitruk did 5 years of varsity gymnastics at McMaster and Queens. 
If he had to pick a favourite book, he'd have to choose books that changed him.  "The Foundation" trilogy by sci. fi. author Isaac Asimov turned him into a reader for life.  The book "Chaos" by James Gleick was the first non-fiction book he read for fun(?), and changed the way he looks at the world, its systems, and the way they interact.