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Continuous Learning for Teachers

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides the ability for a group to work together and share information in a common online space. Teams features document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat, video conferencing, and is fully integrated with many other Microsoft 365 services.

Teams for Education adds the ability for teachers to create collaborative online classrooms that are online places for teachers to meet with students, collect assignments, and host files.

Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Breakout Rooms in Teams make it possible to create small groups within your Teams meeting. The meeting organizer can move easily from group to group. Each individual breakout room has all of the features and capabilities of Teams meeting, making this a powerful way to allow students to collaborate together in a different modality from the full group meeting. 

This video shows the process to setup and manage breakout rooms:


To read and learn more about breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams, visit these sites:

NOTE: Creating and managing breakout rooms requires the meeting organizer to be using a Windows PC or Mac.

Share Computer Audio in Microsoft Teams

If you are sharing an audio file or video clip during a Microsoft Teams meeting, you will need to make sure you are sharing your computer's audio so that participants will hear the audio directly, and not just as picked up by your computer's microphone. 

This video shows the important step of selecting the box that facilitates sharing your system audio with meeting participants.

To read and learn more about breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams, visit these sites:

NOTE: Sharing system audio is currently only available on Windows PCs. Support for the Mac is "coming soon",  

Use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Tutorial Playlists