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Canadian Literature: Governor General

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1968 GGLA

1976 GGLA

1988 GGLA

1992 GGLA

1996 GGLA

1997 GGLA

Governor General's Literary Awards

In 80 years, nearly 700 works by over 500 authors,

poets, playwrights, translators and illustrators have been celebrated

by the Governor General Awards, which have expanded to include 7 categories,

in both English and French.

2004 GGLA

2005 GGLA

2008 GGLA

2009 GGLA

2010 GGLA

Featured Websites

Visit the link below for a complete list of the Governor General Literary Awards:

Governor General's Literary Awards

2012 GGLA

2013 GGLA

2014 GGLA

2015 GGLA