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All About Books: Selected Graphic Novels

Thrash, Maggie - Honor Girl

Krosoczka, Jarrett - Hey, Kiddo

Banned Book Club

Abirached, Zeina - I Remember Beirut

Wonder Woman Tempest Tossed

Bradbury, Ray - The Best of Ray Bradbury

Gaiman, Neil - Death

Hinds, Gareth - The Odyssey

L'Engle, Madeline

Maurel, Carole - Luisa Now and Then

McKay, Sharon E. - War Brothers

The Oracle Code

Osborne, Melissa Jane - The Wendy Project


White Bird

Strange Planet

Satrapi, Marjane - Persepolis

Tamaki, Mariko - This One Summer

Thompson, Craig - Blankets

Vaughn, Brian K. - Pride of Baghdad

Yakin, Boaz - Marathon

Yang, Gene Luen - The Eternal Smile

Lutes, Jason - Houdini: The Handcuff King

Frank, Anne - Anne Frank's Diary


Evans, Kate - Threads

Ottaviani, Jim - The Imitation Game

Abirached, Zeina - A Game for Swallows

Anderson, Laurie Halse - Speak

Anderson, M.T. - Yvan: The Knight of the Lion

Carey, Mike - Re-Gifters

Hinds, Gareth - Beowulf

Hinds, Gareth - The Iliad

Hosseini, Khaled - The Kite Runner

LaBoucane-Benson, Patti - The Outside Circle

Lowry, Lois - The Giver

Medley, Linda - Castle Waiting

Moore, Alan - Watchmen

Novgorodoff, Danica - The Undertaking of Lily Chen


Stranger Planet

Satrapi, Marjane - Persepolis 2

Telgemeier, Raina - Drama

Tolkien, J.R.R. - The Hobbit

Von Ziegesar, Cecily - Gossip Girl

Yang, Gene Luen - American Born Chinese

Dragon Hoops

Spiegelman, Art - Maus I

Spiegelman, Art - Maus II