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All About Books: Legacy of a Book

The Physics Book

Donated by Sean McGrath - 2014

The Stort of the Trapp Family Singers

Donated by Colleen Dennehy - 2013

Legacy of a Book Tradition

The Legacy of a Book is a tradition

of graduating students donating

a book to the library. 

As a gift to future generations attending Sutherland,

we are asking each grade 12 student to donate a

non-fiction book to the library.

Each book should reflect the student's interest.

An athlete might donate a book about golf or rugby.

A drama student might donate a collection of monologues and

an art student might donate a book about their favorite artist.

Each book will have the student’s name on the dedication page

with their signature.

As we proceed to continue this tradition,

we hope that students will leave a lasting legacy for the future. 

Click here to see past donations for Legacy of a Book.

U2 by U2

Donated by Tyler Marshall - 2010

The Art Book

Donated by Timothy Price - 2008

Script Tease

Donated by Megan MacAulay - 2014

In BOD We Trust

Donated by Charley MacAuley - 2009