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Modern Languages: Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo Webquest

History Hunters
1. Who were the following people?
- Benito Juarez
- Porfirio Diaz
- Ignacio Zaragoza
- Napoleon III
- Maximilian
- The Marquis de Radepont
2. What role did each of these people play?
3. What is the biggest misconception about Cinco de mayo?
4. What caused the conflict that led to the Battle of Puebla?
5. Explain what happened at the Battle of Puebla.
6. How long did the conflict last and in what year did it end?
7. What was the end result of the conflict?
History of Cinco de Mayo
Significance of Cinco de Mayo
Mexico Online - Historical Background
Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo

Festive Foods
1. Explain what the following foods are:
- Menudo
- Mole
- Chorizo
- Chilaquiles
- Flan
2. Name and describe three typical foods served at Cinco de mayo celebrations. (not including the ones listed above)
3. Mexican food is a mix of what types of food?
4. What are some common staples found in the Mexican diet?
5. What food item accompanies almost every meal?
6. What does the word "taco" really mean?
7. What Mexican foods do we eat in the U.S. today?
Cinco de Mayo Foods and Recipes
Cinco de Mayo Mexican Foods
Mexican Recipes

Modern Music and Moves
1. What are some common topics in Mexican songs?
2. What is Mariachi music?
3. What kind of instruments are used in Mariachi music?
4. Identify at least two modern-day Mariachi groups and give a few details about each one.
5. What is Tejano music and why is it so popular?
6. What kind of dances are popular in Cinco de mayo celebrations?
Mariachi Music
The History of Mariachi
Mexican Hat Dance

Fascinating Facts
1. Why is Cinco de mayo significant?
2. Other than the Battle of Puebla, what three things does Cinco de mayo celebrate?
3. What was France's excuse for invading Mexico?
4. What now occupies the space that once was the battlefield of Puebla?
5. How many Mexican soldiers and French soldiers were involved in the Battle of Puebla?
6. Why was the initial victory at Puebla important in Mexican history?
7. Name an important Mexican battle cry.
11 Facts You Need to Know About Cinco de Mayo
7 Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Typical Traditions
1. What can you expect to see in a Cinco de mayo parade?
2. Other than parades, what other activities are common for a Cinco de mayo celebration?
3. How do people in San Diego's Old Town celebrate Cinco de mayo?
4. What type of events are popular in Los Angeles to celebrate Cinco de mayo?
5. Describe the typical costume for Cinco de mayo.
6. Why is Cinco de mayo celebrated on a much larger scale in the U.S.?
7. Name and describe a popular decoration made for this holiday.
Cinco de Mayo Traditions and Activities