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Argyle Secondary School Library Digital Learning Commons: Digital Citizenship

At the Grade 8 Level all students will come to the Library Learning Commons to work with the Teacher-Librarian to complete:

  • a Library Learning Commons and Technology Orientation
  • a communication lesson.  Learning to send e-mails with an awareness of audience, sending attachments etc.
  • an introductory lesson on assessing digital resources using the CARS template.
  • an introductory lesson on paraphrasing

At the Grade 9 Level all students will work with the Teacher-Librarian on a Digital Literacy project that will focus on:

  • students learning MLA style of quoting and citation
  • students learning research strategies and how to use an academic search engine
  • students learning how to create effective powerpoints and presentations
  • students learning about Digital Law, Digital Rights & Responsibilities, and Digital Security
  • students learning how to do a technology audit and reflect on their on own digital footprint and technology use.