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North Shore News

City of North Vancouver Community Plan and Urban Planning Links

Urban Planning Reports

World Cities Report 2016 - from the United Nations

Urban Development  - from the World Bank

Canadian Institute of Planners

Canadian Institute of Planners

CIP - Issues

CIP addresses pressing concerns that affect planning in Canada and around the world—from climate change, housing and transportation to indigenous issues, urban design and healthy communities. These topics intersect with each other at the local, city, regional, national and global levels. Tackling them together and at every scale is essential for achieving the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and well-being of urban and rural communities.

CIP - Resource Library

In CIP's searchable Resource Library, you can discover what you're looking for either by topic or by resource format. You can search for a resource in two ways:

  • By typing keywords into the search box, or
  • By using the drop-down menus to select either topic areas or resource categories

Featured Websites

Urban Planning TED Talks
A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of urban planning.

CIP - Canadian Institute of Planners

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) works on behalf of over 6,700 planning professionals nationally since 1919. Planners safeguard the health and well-being of urban and rural communities, by addressing the use of land, resources, facilities and services with consideration to physical, economic, and social efficiency. 

SCARP - UBC School of Community and Regional Planning

SCARP - Research News