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Teacher Info: Celebrate Diversity

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Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up - DVD

Recommended by the BCTF Social Justice team and on order for our DVD collection, Straightlaced includes the perspectives of teens who self-identify as straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning and represents all points of the gender spectrum. With courage and unexpected humor, these students open up their lives to the camera: choosing between “male” and “female” deodorant; deciding whether to go along with anti-gay taunts in the locker room; having the courage to take ballet; avoiding the restroom so they won’t get beaten up; or mourning the suicide of a classmate. It quickly becomes clear that just about everything teens do requires thinking about gender and sexuality.  Straightlaced offers both teens and adults a way out of anxiety, fear and violence and points the way toward a more inclusive, empowering culture.

Celebrate Diversity Recognition Days

February 28, 2018 - Pink Shirt Day

April 11, 2018 - International Day of Pink

May 17, 2018 - International Transgender and Anti-Homophobia Day

Anit Bullying Resources

Anti Bullying Activities and Lesson Plans from Education World

IBPA - International Bullying Prevention Association

Stop Bullying Now!

The Bully Project Educator's DVD & Toolkit

302.3 BUL Teacher Reference

Bullied, Battered & Bruised DVD

The National - Bullied, Battered & Bruised - DVD

302.3 BUL

Comprised of three segments on the topic of bullying in schools. The first segment looks at Teulon Collegiate (Manitoba) where parents of bullied children were desperate to have an uncooperative school system deal with the problem and Seaview Community School (Port Moody, B.C.) where a zero-tolerance program was implemented. The second segment is a discussion segment on bullying with experts moderated by Peter Mansbridge. The third segment returns to Teulon to see how the school board eventually handled the problem.

Think Before You Speak Gay Rights Commercial

The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander