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Social Justice: Racism

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Research on Racism - Topic Links

  1. The Roots of the Slave Trade in the U.S & The rise of the Cotton Industry (1619)

African Americans: The Years of Slavery

  1. Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad (1831)

Underground Railroad

  1. Civil War, Emancipation, & The 13- 15th  Amendments (1861)

Civil War, American

Emancipation Proclamation

Amendments 13 -15

  1. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK)     

Ku Klux Klan

  1. Jim Crow Laws – “Separate But Equal” (1896)

Jim Crow

Jim Crow Laws

  1. Harlem Renaissance (1920)

Harlem Renaissance

  1. Brown v. Board of Education & Central High School Integrated  (1954 & 1957)

Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka

  1. Emmett Till ( 1955)

Emmett Till Case

  1. Rosa Parks & Montgomery Bus Boycott  (1955)

Rosa Parks

Montgomery Bus Boycott

  1. Sit-in Movement & Founding of SNCC (1960)


Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

  1. Integration of Ole Miss (1962)

The Integration of the University of Mississippi

  1. Birmingham Church Bombed (1963)

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

  1. Martin Luther King & Civil Rights Act & Assassination (1963 & 1964 & 1968)

Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr, Assassination

  1. Selma to Montgomery March (1965)

Selma Marches

  1. The Bakke Decision & Affirmative Action (1978)

Bakke Case

  1. Black Loyalists in Canada & Abolition of Enslavement in Canada

Black Loyalists in British North America

  1. Chinese Head Tax in Canada

Chinese Head Tax in Canada

Slavery Abolition Act, 1833

  1. The Indian Act in Canada (Residential Schools, Status, 60s Scoop)

Indian Act

Indian Act (Plain Language Summary)

Residential Schools in Canada

Enfranchisement (Status)

Sixties Scoop

  1. Japanese Internment in Canada

Internment of Japanese Canadians

  1. Komagata Maru in Canada

Komagata Maru

Global Issues in Context

Canada In Context