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Shakespeare Resource Center

A brief biography of William Shakespeare, from his baptism to the inscription on his tomb at Holy Trinity in Stratford. Also includes a link to the full text of Shakespeare's very own last will and testament.
A summary overview of the four periods of Shakespeare's works, including links to online editions of the plays and Shakespearean criticism. See also the SRC's play synopses, poetry page, and the new Scenes and Monologues page for acting resources.
Links and a Shakespeare Resource Center guide to the Bard's English—including a searchable glossary. Also includes a Speech Analysis: Selected Readings section exclusive to the SRC.
Who wrote the works of Shakespeare? Edward de Vere? Francis Bacon? Christopher Marlowe? Information about and links to the opposing points of view.
A brief history of Shakespeare's Globe from its construction in 1598 to the New Globe, completed in 1996 in Southwark.
Because you have to understand England and the times in which Shakespeare lived to appreciate fully the literature.
An at-a-glance guide to all the original content compiled for the Shakespeare Resource Center.
The most valuable online resources you'll find about Shakespeare (besides this site, of course).
For further reading about Shakespeare, because most of the best research resources are still only available in print (something or the other about copyright law).
Links to selected theatre companies specializing in Shakespeare, because nothing beats seeing a play live.
This is where all the Shakespearean links go that don't seem to fit anywhere else on the site.

Shakespeare Websites

Shakespeare: His Life, Works & Language
  • Absolute Shakespeare
    This website is a resource for William Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and the legendary Globe Theatre.
  • Alpha Dictionary –Shakespeare’s Language and Dictionaries
    This website contains the following resources on the language of Shakespeare: Absolute Glossary of Shakespeare, Shakespeare Dictionary, Glossary of Shakespearean False Friends, Glossary of Shakespearean Insults, Shakespeare's Coined Words, Shakespeare Grammar Dictionary, Shakespeare's Vocabulary and The Shakespeare Glossary.
  • Folger Shakespeare Library
    This website contains the Folger's Digital Image Collection. It offers online access to over 26,000 images from the Folger Shakespeare Library collection, including books, theater memorabilia, manuscripts, art, and more. Images are available in high resolution and users can show multiple images side-by-side, zoom in and out to see fine detail, and more.
  • Internet Shakespeare Editions
    This website is a treasure trove of information on Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Era. The section Life and Times on this website contains information on Shakespeare’s Life and Times, including information on Life, Stage, Society, History, Drama, Literature, Plays, and Reference resources.
  • Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
    Presents an annotated guide to scholarly Web resources on William Shakespeare, offering access to biographical and critical materials, various editions of Shakespeare's works, and information on teaching them.
  • Open Source Shakespeare
    It is the goal of Open Source Shakespeare to be the best free Web site containing Shakespeare's complete works. It is intended for scholars, thespians, and Shakespeare lovers of every kind. OSS includes the 1864 Globe Edition of the complete works, which was the definitive single-volume Shakespeare edition for over a half-century.
  • PBS In Search of Shakespeare Resources
    This website contains a list of recommended print materials for you to read, and online resources/materials about Shakespeare. The website includes general information and additional web links on Shakespeare, Shakespeare in film, Shakespeare’s language, Shakespeare in performance, primary sources, and Technology.
  • Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
    The world’s leading charity in promoting the works, life and times of William Shakespeare and offer a unique Shakespeare centered experience with outstanding archive and library collections, inspiring educational and literary event programs and five wonderful houses all directly relating to Shakespeare.
  • Shakespeare Resource Center
    A collection of web links to help you find information on William Shakespeare. There are millions of pages that reference Shakespeare on the Internet. This website aims to make it a little easier to find your sources. The website includes Shakespeare's Biography, Shakespeare's Works, Shakespeare's Language, Shakespeare's Will, The Globe Theatre and information on Elizabethan England.
  • Shakespeare's Globe
    The Globe Theatre is a faithful reconstruction of the open-air playhouse, first built in 1599, where Shakespeare worked and for which he wrote many of his greatest plays. The site includes educational and research resources.
  • SHAKSPER: The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference
    Serving the academic community, is an edited and moderated, international, e-mail distribution list for discussion among Shakespearean scholars, researchers, instructors, students, and anyone sharing their academic interests and concerns.
  • The Shakespeare Quartos Archive
    The Shakespeare Quartos Archive is a digital collection of pre-1642 editions of William Shakespeare's plays. A cross-Atlantic collaboration has also produced an interactive interface for the detailed study of these geographically distant quartos, with full functionality for all thirty-two quarto copies of Hamlet held by participating institutions.
  • William Shakespeare
    An assortment of information on Shakespeare's plays, theater, sonnets, folio, facts, quotes and more!