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Revolutions: Russian Revolution

World Book Student

Specialized Websites

BBC Bitesize - Long-term Causes of the Russian Revolution - A easy to read introduction to the causes of the Russian Revolution. Perfect as a jumping off point to understand the basics before delving in a little deeper.

The Marxist Internet Archive - An all-volunteer, non-profit, public library that contains the writings of 592 authors in 45 different languages. A good place to understand the role of Marxism in the Russian Revolution.

Euro Docs -Russian Revolution - Primary documents to help outline the course of the Russian Revolution
Revelations form the Russian Archives - An exhibition from the US Library of Congress that features images and primary documents related to Soviet history from 1917 onward.

Russia, the Kievan Rus, and the Mongols

Featured Websites

The BBC - War and Revolution in Russia - An online study guide that outlines the causes of the revolution and provides a detailed timeline of events. Includes links to other websites, has images, and has several video documentaries.

Scholarly Websites

Russian Revolution - Primary Source documents from the Internet History Sourcebook compiled by Fordham University