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Novels: Russian Revolution

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Russian Revolution

The Bolsheviks Storm the Winter Palace: 1917 - Eyewitness to History

An account of the storming of the Winter Palace taken from John Reed's "Ten Days that Shook the World.  Reed was an American journalist who supported the Bolsheviks

The October Revolution

The Causes of the October Revolution - BBC

Russian Revolution:  November 1917 - History Learning Site

Russian Revolution: March 1917 - History Learning Site

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin and the Industrialization of the USSR - National Archives Heroes and Villians

Joseph Stalin: National Hero or Cold-Blooded Murderer? -BBC

Prominent Russians: Joseph Stalin - Russiapedia

Joseph Stalin: Statesman - Very brief overview of Stalin's career and legacy

Joseph Stalin - Spartacus Educational

Joseph Stalin  (1879-1953) - Concise Biography from PBS

Tsar Nicholas and the Russian Royal Family

The Execution of Tsar Nicholas II - Eyewitness to History

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin - BBC Historic Figures

Vladimir Lenin - History Learning Site

Lenin - Spartacus Educational

Prominent Russians:  Lenin - Russiapedia

Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky - BBC Historic Figures

Prominent Russians: Leon Trostsky - Russiapedia

Leon Trotsky - Spartacus Educational

Leon Trotsky - History Learning Site