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Library Lessons: Grade 8 Skills Day

Grade 8 Skills Day

Grade 8 Skills

Where It's At!

Online Spaces & Online Resources


1. Sutherland Network - How to Log On

Log in information should be in your Agenda Book

Your User Name: 6 digit number with an ‘s’ at the end – ex: 123456s

Your Password: your birthday – yearmonthday – ex: 20040605

If you have the same birthday as another student or have come to Sutherland from out of district or country, then your password will have an

‘S’ at the beginning and a ‘$’ at the end, with your birthday in the middle – ex: S20040605$

2. Creating a Document

  • Open up a Word document
  • Now save this file to your HOMEFOLDER

3. How to Save Your Work

Saving Files on a Dell Desktop

Saving Files on a Mac Laptop

4. Accessing the Portal

Access your school work from the network at home through the Portal.

5. Sutherland Secondary School Website

Sutherland Secondary School Website

Find your Teachers' emails, dates on the School Calendar for 

Late StartsProDays and Holidays, and 

info about Clubs and Sports from the School Website.

7. Online Research Sources

Research Databases

World Book Online


8. Library Catalog Online