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Learning at Home: Fitness at Home

YouTube Fitness

Mr. Verney Recommends:

There are a lot of great videos you workout 'with'. I like doing this because there is more of a social aspect to it (I think I have cabin fever). 

Fitness Blender has a wide array of workouts: bodyweight, HIIT, cardio, upper body, lower body, kettlebell. Not sure if you have or want to use any weights, but lots to choose from.

Fitness Apps

Ms. Kinakin recommends:

I have a few that I like to use:
RunTrainer - sets up a program for you to train for a 5km, 10km or 1/2 marathon.  Simple to use and pretty cheap
You get a 7 day free trial
Sworkit - for strength, cardio, yoga, or...  Considers the time you have.  Free with optional in-app purchase
Yoga with Adrienne - I love her!  She is free and on youtube.  She a a plethora or workouts
Nike Training Club - workouts for cardio, strength, yoga  - takes into consideration your fitness level and time you have.  It is free on ios and Android.
I have used a fitbit in the past (now broken) and it was a lovely motivator - especially when I competed with my son for number of steps in a day or number of minutes in the training zone.

YouTube Fitness

Mr. Verney Recommends:

The Body Coach TV: This gentleman blew up last week by providing daily routines for students to do in their living room (Has tripled his subscribers). Again he has tons of with and without weight routines.