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Info Tech 8: Copyright-Friendly Media

Copyright in Canada

In Canada, it's against the law to make copies of, upload or download copright-protected works like movies, TV shows or music without permission from the copyright owner.  The websites listed here tell you where you can go to get music, movies and other media legally.

5. Copyright-Friendly Media

Creative Commons

Compfight Compfight lets you search the image hosting service Flickr for photos with Creative Commons licenses.  

Make sure you select “Creative Commons” and “Safe”on the left side of the page before putting in your search term.

Creative Commons - Search for images, video, and music using various directories, including Google, Yahoo, Flickr, etc.
Wikimedia Commons - Freely usable media files - images, sounds, video, and more.

5 Free Stock Photo Sites


Clip Art - Free to Use / School Friendly





Sound Effects