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Current Events: Fake News and Media Bias Webquest

1. Fake News - Characteristics

Click on Characteristics of Fake News 

You may have to scroll down the screen a bit to find the info.

Read the Characteristics of Fake News

What are three characteristics of fake news?

What is NOT fake news?

2. Fake News - Types of Mis- and Disinformation - 7 Types

First Draft "is a global non-profit that supports journalists, academics and technologists working to address challenges relating to trust and truth in the digital age."

Click on Types of Mis- and Disinformation

Scroll down to the Seven types of Mis- and Disinformation. Fill in the chart for the type and explanation of the fake news category.

3. The rise of 'fake news', manipulation and 'alternative facts' - BBC Newsnight

4. Helping Students Identify Fake News with the Five C's of Critical Consuming

5. Evaluating Information: SIFT (The Four Moves)

Click on Evaluating Information: SIFT (The Four Moves)

Scroll down and and watch each of the four short videos. Briefly describe each step of the SIFT method for evaluating information.

6. How to Spot Fake News

Click on How to Spot Fake News

What are four strategies that you will try to try use when reading/watching the news?  

8. Read all about it - The Biggest Fake News Stories of 2016

Click on Read all About It:  The Biggest Fake News Stories of 2016

Which fake news headline did you find the most outrageous?

9. Fake News - Pandemic Edition

Click on Factitious 2020 Pandemic Edition and take the quiz to find out how good you are at spotting fake news!  

10. Bad News - From Fake News to Chaos

Click on Bad News and play the game – see how many followers you can get!  

11. Media Bias - What it is?

Click on Media Bias

What is Media Bias?

12. Media Bias - Characteristics

Click on Media Bias Characteristics

Scroll down to the Media Bias Box to answer the questions.

13. Media Bias - Right, Left or Center?

Click on Right, Left or Center?

Scroll down to the Tell Me More box on the right and look at the infographic underneath Right, Left or Center to answer the first two questions. Then, watch How to Choose Your News.

14. Fake News: How A Partying Macedonian Teen Earns Thousands Publishing Lies | NBC News