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Welcome to Seycove!

As a student new to Seycove, we know you have questions!

This page offers links to information about our school and details on how to access online services using your Seycove Computer Account. 

Have questions about the Library, our collection, or the services we provide? Drop in and visit us any time before or after school to visit!

You can also click here to use Microsoft Teams to send us a message.

Your Seycove Computer Account

Your Seycove Computer Account is a unique username and password that is used at school to login to computers in the Library and Computer Lab, and at home and on personal devices to access online services. 

All North Vancouver School District students (that includes you!) have a randomized user ID that is a six digit number followed by an "s" (i.e. 123456s). Your password is your birthdate in the format SYYYYMMDD$ (note the capital letter S and $ that bracket your birthdate). 

This account is for you alone, and you should take care not to share your username or password with others. 

Don't know your Computer Account information or have questions about how to access these different services? Visit us in the Library any morning before school or most afternoons after school. We are here to help!



Library Catalogue

Seycove's Library has a wide range of reading material to support classroom learning and to satisfy your general curiosity and love of reading! 

To find a book, start by searching the online catalogue. Use the search box above, or visit the catalogue's homepage to search by genre.

Want to place a hold on a title, create a list of favourites, or manage your borrowing account? Log in using your Seycove Computer Account!

From the  catalogue's homepage, click "Login" and enter your user ID and password.




Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used by the school and some of your teachers to communicate and share information. Every student is a member of a grade team that is used for important announcements. Students should log in regularly to check for messages and updates. 

Microsoft Teams can be access in a web browser, but for the best experience, it is recommended that you download and install the free Microsoft Teams application for your device(s).

Click here to download Microsoft Teams (available for Windows PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android).

To sign in to Microsoft Teams, follow these instructions: Quick Guide for Student Access to Microsoft Teams




School Wi-Fi

Your Seycove Computer Account can be used to join the school's Wi-Fi network. Following these instructions will allow you to store your username and password on your personal device so that you join the network automatically, and do not have to enter your credentials each time. 

1. From the list of available Wi-Fi networks, choose "8021X".

2. When prompted, under your username (eg. 123456s) and password (SYYYYMMDD$).

3. When asked, click "Trust" to safe your credentials to your device. 

Note:  Support for personal devices is not guaranteed. For best results, students should connect only ONE device.



SD44 Student Email 

All North Vancouver School District students have a email address. This email address is secure, safe, and also provides access to an online Office 365 account. The address is in the format user ID @ (eg.

To access your email account, follow these instructions: Where is My Email Mailbox?