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Life is uncertain, even at the best of times. And right now, these are not the best of times. COVID-19 has introduced a large degree of uncertainty in daily life, which in turn can make us even more anxious than usual. This page offers some suggestions for managing the anxiety and worry some could be experiencing during these uncertain times.

The most important step you can take right now is to take care of yourself—not just for your own well-being, but also for those you care about and support. This will help improve your energy, focus, ability to cope with challenges, and overall life experience. 

The Keep Learning website offers these suggestions for taking care of your mental health:

  • take time to eat and drink water
  • stay active to increase energy, boast immunity, reduce insomnia and feel positive
  • get enough sleep (7-9 hrs per night)
  • stay connected, supportive relationships are a powerful influence on our sense of wellness
  • take time for yourself during the day
  • be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative – focus on what is meaningful
  • treat yourself with compassion and gentleness

What can we do?

Help stop the spread of the virus by practicing correct behaviours:

  • stay home
  • thoroughly washing hands
  • physical distancing
  • practicing good etiquette when coughing or sneezing
  • staying healthy through daily exercise, good nutrition and sleep


Need Help?

Apps for Mental Health and Mindfulness