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Law: Criminal Law

Glossary of Legal Terms

SUPER MAX Security Prison - MAXIMUM SECURITY - Canada Prison Documentary - Life in Prison

Should There Be A Death Penalty? - The People Speak

Capital punishment in Canada

Capital punishment in the United States - Wikipedia

16x9 - Behind Bars: Overcrowded prisons in Canada

Inside the “world’s most humane” prison

Norwegian Prison - Michael Moore

Inside Maximum Security Prison: Murder, Mayhem, and Meditation (Part 1)

Jonathan Rudin: Aboriginal Transformative Justice

The Politics of Fear | At Issue

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Has the Canadian government failed to stop homegrown terrorism?

Nationwide protests over Bill C-51

Why the van attack isn't being called terrorism yet

How a Canadian teen was caught in a FBI terrorism sting

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"Terrorists vs Indians" | Russell Peters - Outsourced

25 Years Later: The Impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the Criminal Law

Twenty-Five Years Later:

The Impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the Criminal Law

When Lawyers and Judges Criticize Jury Verdicts

When Lawyers and Judges Criticize Jury Verdicts

from the New York Law Journal

No criticism needed: Canada’s jury system works

Justice system failing First Nations, report finds

A Study on the Relationship between Canadian Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State

Reconciliation in the Context of a Settler Society: Healing the Legacy of Colonialism in Canada

Explained: Civil Law vs Criminal Law

Explained: 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, and manslaughter?

APTN National News February 6, 2018 – Arguments At Stanley Trial Concluded, Beyak Removal Petition

Crown Prosecutor Bill Burge outside of court after a Sask. jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty

Chris Murphy, lawyer for the Boushie family, reacts to not guilty verdict in Gerald Stanley trial

Saskatoon lawyer talks about defence in Gerald Stanley trial

Picking a jury - a Saskatoon lawyer explains the process

Analyzing the Gerald Stanley not guilty verdict

What's the point of trying to change a country that doesn't want to change?' | CBC News

The Jury - The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Jury - from The Canadian Encyclopedia

Found not guilty in Colten Boushie death, Gerald Stanley still faces firearm charges next month

Acquittal in Colten Boushie death spurs call for reform