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Art: Art Map Project

Links to Useful Maps

School Catchment Areas - District Map - North Vancouver School District

This site has a map detailing the current school catchment areas - these areas are changing in the near future.


Walk, Hike, Run - North Vancouver

This site has a map which can be enlarged and shows the smallest of trails that connect different streets and neighbourhoods throughout North Vancouver.  Scroll down to see the available maps.


Google Map of  the Sutherland neighbourhood


North Shore Transit Map (September 2019 pdf)


Public Art Map

This doesn't address the issue of getting to school, but is interesting because it has locators and descriptors of all the public art in North and West Vancouver.


Priority Route Road Map for Snow Clearing

This map specific to the winter season and shows which roads are cleared first.


North Shore Bike Map - Maps of the City

Scroll down to find the North Shore Bike Map, as well as other interactive maps that have been set up to provide information on specific aspects of the City.  See below for a pdf of the North Shore Bike map.