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Science 12 Research Paper: Sample Research Questions

Information for the Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics Research Papers

Biology - Sample Research Questions for Term 1

  1. In what ways are microorganisms, that live inside our gut, helpful or harmful to humans?
  2. What are the effects of agriculture farming (cattle/vegetation) on the carbon footprint (or water use) of the planet?  
  3. How can 3-D printing enhance health care with respect to body parts or organs for people?  
  4. How does a healthy diet affect the three domains of health (physical, mental and social)?  
  5. Is a healthy diet compatible with what is best for the environment?  
  6. How does vaping and brain health affect brain development?  
  7. What changes to your diet can positively affect your brain health? 
  8. What is the effect of diet and exercise on the maintenance of type II diabetes?  
  9. How can diet improve memory and brain health?  
  10. What is the effect of eating only meat on brain health?  
  11. Why is a population like the USA suffering from the highest rates of brain and heart disease?
  12. What happens to the brain when it is dehydrated? And how do we know? 
  13. How does your intake of water affect your ability to learn? 
  14. Why do we lose a percentage of our water as we age? 
  15. What long term health effects do miners live with?
  16. Have generations of the mining industry being dominated by working age men impacted life expectancy/population amongst males?
  17. How have prosthetics motivated people who have suffered a loss of a limb?
  18. In what ways have prosthetics improved since they were invented?
  19. How accurate is the prosthetic to a human body part?
  1. In what ways has the Pine Beetle infestation impacted the regrowth and forestry industry in British Columbia?
  2. How can movements like the Climate Change strikes have an impact on environmental issues we face today?
  3. What causes the water scarcity in South America and what can be done to provide water for those who live there? 
  4. How can we (north Americans or British Columbian’s) decrease our water footprint? 
  5. How would the environment be affected if all the stored water in the icecaps was gone?  
  6. In a century, will cities near the ocean be flooded due to the melting ice caps? And how will that affect the biodiversity and ecology of the area?  
  7. How can salt water be turned into drinkable water and can this be a solution to the lack of potable water in some communities?
  8. In what ways does plastic pollution affect turtle biodiversity? (whale habitats?)
  9. How long will it take plastic to go away?
  10. How long does plastic survive in our environment?
  11. What are the different types of plastic and how can they be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner? 
  12. What are the technological advancements we can use to eliminate the plastic in our oceans?
  13. Is there a correlation between open pit mines and landslides?
  14. How far does the impact reach?
  15. In what ways will making cuts in the fishing industry effect impoverished countries and the people who depend on the fishing industry?
  16. What is the effect of overfishing on other aquatic species (not the ones being fished)?
  17. How can we support the fishing industry and economy without impacting the environment? 
  18. What will be the effects on the planet as the Amazon forests are being destroyed?
  19. Does climate change reduce the regrowth of trees?
  20. How does deforestation contribute to climate change?
  21. How does deforestation affect our climate and ecosystems? (could be a particular area in the world) 
  22. In what ways is climate change predicated to affect the mining industry? 
  23. In what ways can tailings ponds be improved so that disasters like mount Polley don’t occur again?

Geology - Sample Research Questions for Term 1

  1. In what ways is the formation and extraction of pink Himalayan salt different from other types of salt?
  1. What is the effect of processing uranium ore on the human body on miners?
  1. What is the environmental impact of mining lithium for Tesla's electric car batteries?
  1. What influence does plate tectonics have on the global distribution of Tyrannosaur fossils?
  2. Why are Earth, Mars, and the other Terrestrial planets geologically similar?
  3. Why do people choose to live in locations prone to earthquakes. volcanoes, and other geological disasters?

Chemistry - Sample Research Questions for Term 1

Physics - Sample Research Questions for Term 1