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Science 12 Research Paper: Home

Information for the Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics Research Papers

Instructions - Term 1

All students taking a BC Science 12 course at Carson Graham write 2 research papers per year, one in term one and one in term two.  The papers are each worth 10 % of your grade.  This guide is intended to support you through the process of completing these complex tasks successfully. 

To begin, read the documents in the TERM Handouts section on the side of this page. 

You are required to submit your paper in stages as follows.  Notice the Links to submit TERM work section on the side of this page.

  1. Due October 21, 2019: Declare topic, submit your research question, and APA citation to the link on the right.
  2. Due November 8, 2019Submit completed outline - see link to the right. 
  3. Due November 18, 2019 by 1:00 pm: Submit to the drop box on Managebac.  And give your teacher a hard paper copy.