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About Argyle's Library

Argyle’s library program aims to enrich and supplement the school’s curriculum. By promoting 21st century learning, students and teachers are encouraged to become effective users of current technology and research strategies.  We support independent learning while teaching patrons how to identify, locate, evaluate and use both print and non-print resources. The enjoyment of literacy and love of reading is another important aspect of our program.  


What are we reading?


EBSCO Research Databases

Worldbook Online



Teacher Librarian

Katie Black's picture
Katie Black
Argyle Secondary School
1131 Frederick Road

Library Assistant

Mrs. Cargill

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 2:15pm

Overdue Items

“Everything comes to him who waits but a loaned book.” – Frank McKinnney Hubbard

Please help us get our books returned or renewed!

The normal loan period for students is 3 weeks. We’re happy to renew books because most reading assignments go beyond this length of time. Please check your due date slip.

All items must be in good standing if a student wants to take out another resource.

At report card time: An invoice will go to our Business Administrator. Books or payments MUST then be cleared with the office. Once the book is returned or paid for, the student regains borrowing privileges