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Evaluating Web Sites (Media Unit)

S stands for Source. Who is providing the information?
M is for Motivation. Why are they telling me this?
E represents Evidence. What evidence is provided for generalizations?
L is for Logic. Do the facts logically compel the conclusions?
L is for Left out. What’s missing that might change our interpretation of the information?

Here are three different websites outlining the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.  Using your Media Bias worksheet, and following the SMELL evaluation guidelines, determine which of these sites, plus another of your choosing, is the most believable.

What to do?

Here's what you should be doing!

1. Find today's grammar topic.

2. Go to your preferred site to practice the exercises.

3. When you're scoring between 80-100% in all difficulty levels, complete the worksheet that you received.

4. Hand it in next period!!



Literary Terms